January 2012

Dear Reader,

Forbidden debuts today, and is available everywhere books are sold!

I co-wrote the novel with my son, Ryan James, and it’s been a great adventure. We are thrilled to report thatForbidden has been getting raves reviews, and last week was ranked #4 on Amazon under Being a Teen and #12 under Teens/Love & Romance!

Check out our Author Q & A at USA TODAY - HAPPILY EVER AFTER! 

A page-turning tale of wit, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and romance, Forbidden offers a new look at angel mythology. It's published by HarperTeen, and will appeal to readers of any age or gender—or any genre.


Claire Brennan has been attending Emerson Academy for two years, and she’s desperate to stay put for the rest of high school. So there's no way she’s going to tell her mom about the psychic visions she’s been having or the mysterious warnings that she’s in danger.

Alec MacKenzie, fed up with his duties to watch and, when necessary, eliminate the descendants of his angelic forefathers, chose Emerson as the ideal hiding place where he could be normal for once. He hadn’t factored Claire into his plans. . . .

Their love is forbidden, going against everything Alec has been taught to believe. But when the reason behind Claire's unusual powers is revealed and the threat to her life becomes clear, how far will Alec go to protect her?

"FORBIDDEN grabs you from the start and doesn't let go." Miss Literati

"A THRILLING RIDE... this fast-paced plot is extremely adventurous... the romance is so powerful... This is not just a YA, this is a truly amazing story that, while you’re reading it, you’re also picking out the best actors to play the roles on the big screen... All age groups will find themselves absolutely attached to this incredible novel! 5 stars." —Feathered Quill

"AMAZING... I didn't want this book to end. The writing style is just brilliant. The dialogue... unbelievable ... Forbidden is suspenseful, surprising and a fantastic read... I recommend it for everyone. Rating: 5/5."  The Sagacity Quest

"BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. Romantic and filled with delicious tension. Forbidden enchants!" —Sophie Jordan, author of Firelight

"4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS. There is a spectacular new Young Adult (YA) writing team on the horizon! ... Full of intrigue, romance and humor ... This may be written for Young Adults, however, might I also suggest, for the young at heart?"—Austenprose

"If you love paranormal stories dealing with angels, Forbidden is one for your wish list. If you love romance, here is a great romance story... Adults would enjoy it."
Into The Hall of Books


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Forbidden makes a great Valentine’s Day gift! For every copy you order, you have a chance to win in our. . .


Help us make Forbidden a bestseller by ordering it in the first weeks of its release! While you’re at it, enter our contest to win cool Forbidden swag. Email me at authorsyriejames@gmail.com with copy of receipt from any bookstore or online retailer, and FORBIDDEN BESTSELLER in the subject line. For each copy you purchase, your name will be dropped into the hat! Contest closes at 11:59 PM on Feb. 14, 2012.

A big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Forbidden. CONGRATULATIONS to Debra LaVergne from Palo Alto, California, winner of the pre-order campaign contest.

Please take a second to our new FORBIDDEN facebook page. Thanks again so much for your support. Have a happy and romantic Valentine's Day--and happy reading!

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