Personalized, Signed Bookplate Request

If you're giving any of my books as gifts, I'd be happy to mail you signed and personalized bookplates to put in the front of the books, to make the gift more personal. These are specially designed stickers that I create and sign myself. (I'm also happy to sign a bookplate for you!)

How to get your signed bookplate(s):

  • Email me at with BOOKPLATE in the subject line, and the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Your Email

  • How many bookplates would you like?

  • Name(s) to go on bookplate(s)

  • Which book(s) did you purchase?

  • Inscription (Is there something special you'd like me to say in my message?)

  • Your Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

  • Post a comment about one of my books with a link to, on any social media site -- facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc-- and tell me about it, or send the link. That's it! (If you posted a review somewhere, I'd be thrilled to know about it.)

  • Shipping costs require me to restrict this offer to the USA. However, if you live in another country, or need your bookplate immediately, I am happy to personalize, sign, and scan a bookplate, then email you the pdf for you to print out.

As soon as I get your email with the above info, I'll sign your bookplate(s) and get them to you as fast as I can!