When freelance advertising artist Kelli Ann Harrison agrees to oversee the final phase of construction on her brother's glamorous Lake Tahoe house, she intends to make a holiday out of it: lend her brother a helping hand and at the same time enjoy the area's winter sports.

An unexpected encounter at a holiday mixer, however, leads to a job offer that throws Kelli's plans into disarray. Grant Pembroke, founder of Pembroke Advertising, is in town to bid for the lucrative Cassera's Casino account. Impressed by Kelli's artistic vision, Grant makes her a proposition that's too exciting to refuse: team up with him to forge an ad campaign for the bid.

Kelli is determined to keep things professional, but that won't be easy, considering the high-voltage charge that sizzles between them. With his creative ingenuity and dark-haired good looks, Grant makes it very difficult for Kelli to concentrate on her work—especially when it becomes clear that his feelings for her go far beyond the workplace.

They make a wonderful team. But can business and pleasure mix? If Kelli and Grant play their cards right, can a whirlwind love affair last forever?


"I could not have hoped for a better sequel in the Harrison duet. I wish there were more! Kelli and Grant sizzle. Such a wonderful love story. I cannot wait to pick up the next novel by Syrie James!"-The Paige-Turner

"I loved, loved, loved this perfectly crafted, lush love story...This poignant, steamy romance will have you believing there can be love at first sight. 5 stars!" -Christina Boyd, Austenprose



Dear Reader,

I am pleased to share with you this newly edited edition of my second novel, previously published under the title The Sky's The Limit.

Propositions is a stand-alone novel about Kelli Ann Harrison, sister of Kyle Harrison, the hero in my novel Songbird. A fiercely independent artist, Kelli is about to receive some unexpected propositions from a man who is every bit her intellectual and creative equal, and to experience a love so deep, immediate, and profound, it forces her to rethink her future and the very meaning of romance.

This book holds a very special place in my heart. The hero and heroine work in advertising, a field in which I was once involved and really enjoyed, and they have a whirlwind courtship--just as my husband and I did when we first met and fell in love.

Love at first sight may be rare, but I know from personal experience that it's possible! As one of my characters says in this novel: When you know, you know.

PROPOSITIONS is also available in a two-book volume

The Harrision Duet includes BONUS MATERIAL:
"Jane Austen's Nightmare" by Syrie James
A short story which asks the question:
what would happen if Jane Austen met her literary creations?