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"Dracula, My Love" Photo Gallery
Whitby, England   Whitby Harbour St. Mary's Church, Whitby
Whitby Abbey   The Top of Whitby's 199 Steps Whitby Steps Today
Ship On Whitby's Shore   Whitby Abbey at Sunset Whitby Graveyard
Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania   Edison Phonograph 1889 Typewriter & Phonograph 1890
Dracula's Castle, Transylvania   Dracula's Castle and Countryside Dracula as a Wolf
"Looking for Charlotte Brontë" -- Syrie's Brontë Tour of England
Haworth Parsonage   Parsonage Living Room Parsonage Hall
Haworth Church   Haworth Churchyard Emily's Room
Haworth Main Street   Haworth Moor Purple Moors of Summer
Roe Head School   Syrie at Roe Head School Writing Desk
Cuba House, 1850's   Haworth Parsonage and Church, 1860's Charlotte's Wedding Bonnet
"Looking for Jane Austen" -- Syrie's Austen Tour of England
Chawton Cottage (Jane Austen's House)    Netley Abbey
Jane Austen Centre, Bath   Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis   Winchester Cathedral
On the Cobb at Lyme Regis   Bath - Outside the Pump Room
Godmersham Park   The River Avon, Bath