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"A literary feast for Anglophiles...[with] an Austen-worthy ending."

—Publishers Weekly

"This richly imagined Jane Austen 'road novel' is such a page turner...A standout addition to the crowded archive of Austen homages."

—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"For two hundred years, Jane Austen fans have bemoaned the fact that six novels from their favorite author is just not enough. Syrie James rectifies this dilemma in The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, offering the ultimate Janeite fantasy: a novel within a novel honoring what we love most about Austen—her engaging stories, her rapier wit, and her swoon worthy romance. James's pitch perfect, brilliantly crafted prose will have you enchanted and in awe of her mastery until the very last page. 5 out of 5 Regency Stars!"

—L. Nattress, Austenprose.com

...She did a brilliant job both at delivering a well-designed plot echoing Jane Austen's voice...and at enclosing it in an intriguing frame of quest and romance... False impressions and false friends, handsome rogues and selfish antagonists make 'The Stanhopes' an incredible gripping story...it'll be one of your favourite reads in 2013!"

—My Jane Austen Book Club

"ANOTHER IMPRESSIVE AND INGENIOUS RELEASE FROM SYRIE JAMES! ...I love how adeptly and thoughtfully Syrie James blends together actual events and circumstances in Jane Austen's life with her own clever imaginings. Ms. James creates a story so authentic and credible that this reader often forgets she is reading a work of fiction! On more than one occasion I found myself desperately hoping this novel was reality and that this story would come true!...The Stanhopes is an absorbing, reflective, and remarkable work of fiction that masterfully captures the essence and style of a Jane Austen novel...I'd like to think that if Jane Austen did write a novel during her first years in Bath that it would be a lot like The Stanhopes – full of introspection, change, and experiencing trials. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars."

—Austenesque Reviews

There were many times that I thought I was reading an actual Austen novel...With this book, you get two books in one. It is a book within a book and it is perfect in the audio format. Justine Eyre is the perfect narrator for this story. Her voice captured all of the drama and angst that belongs in Austen’s novels... I highly recommend LISTENING to this book. I rarely make this recommendation; but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. So much, in fact, that I’m already listening to Ms. James’ previous novel, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen."

—Kinx's Book Nook

...that readers will definitely store on their keeper shelf and read more than once."

—RT Book Reviews

"A wonderful premise, and an entertaining book... Syrie James is a writer who sparks the visual in us as we read... A book a Jane Austen lover cannot miss. Based on the idea of Austen's lost books and notes, this novel takes a 'possible' and turns it around to become an absorbing and fascinating probable. Highly recommended!"

—The Bookish Dame

A book-within-a-book that is delightful and captivating from the very first page... James does a brilliant job with the missing manuscript, so much so that I had to remind myself that it wasn't really Austen... Rebecca was as feisty as Elizabeth Bennet, as devoted to her father as Emma Woodhouse, and as good a person as Fanny Price or Anne Elliot... A must read for Austen fans, providing a few hours in which to dream about what it might be like to have a new Austen novel to read. James also gets you thinking about the importance of reading and sharing literature, the lessons learned from reading Austen’s novels, and whether your life is fulfilling or whether you need to find your bliss.  A great start to my 2013 reading!"

—Diary of an Eccentric

"Syrie James’s The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen was one of my favorite books of 2007, and I liked The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte almost as much, and so I was delighted when I heard James had written another Austen book. It met all my expectations... James uses Austen’s 'Plan of a Novel,' the authentic notes for a book Jane Austen never wrote, to give authenticity to the discovery, and readers familiar with Austen’s novels will find the lost manuscript sufficiently Austenesque in style and content to believe in its authorship and enjoy the story... If have enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, Emma, or Persuasion, I think I can promise that you will enjoy The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen. If, like me, you can spend hours conversing about the Austen novel that is your favorite (Persuasion here) or defending your choice of the definitive Darcy (Colin Firth for me), this is a book you do not want to miss. Add it to your wish list now."

—The Romance Dish

"Readers will relish this latest 'find' from James (The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen), who does have a flare for re-creating the sense and style of the beloved author... Unpredictable and absorbing. Fans of Austen and of James will enjoy this new discovery."

Library Journal

"James does a fantastic job of interweaving two stories into one. I had never read a Jane Austen-based novel before in which the main characters come across an old manuscript and I was pleasantly delighted in the fact that the entire novel was written into the book!  The care and love of Austen that James has is obvious to the reader. It’s evidenced in Samantha’s knowledge of Austen’s life as well as the style in which James writes the missing manuscript. She encompasses the same style, tone and sarcasm of Austen. This is a must-read for all Austen lovers. Download it or pick up a copy today!

Bookend Babes

"James has done a wonderful job at emulating Austen's writing style. Her characterisation is spot on, and the book includes all of the familiar Austen themes; a flawed hero, a rakish villain, a bold heroine, farcical misunderstandings and awkward proposals. Fans of Austen will not be disappointed. I particularly liked the 'Miss Wabshaws', a pair of spinster twins living in the village, who finish each other's sentences. James has created a rich tapestry of characters and an immersive world for them to inhabit. The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is a real gem. James is an authority of all things Austen and her enthusiasm and genuine affection for her subject shines through on every page. I was only sorry that the story had to come to an end. I'm sure that Jane Austen herself would have enjoyed The Stanhopes as much as I did. "

The Book Bag UK

"I quickly fell in love with the novel within a novel written with Austen flair and style."


"James does a fantastic job of creating Jane Austen's voice... I found that the story very well could have been written by Austen herself and that the author stayed true to the Jane Austen we all know and love... The lost tale tells the story of Rebecca Stanhope, whose character and background closely resembles Jane Austen's own life. I can see a lot of Jane in her portrayal of Rebecca Stanhope... I think Austen's fans will love this book. Syrie James is amazing at making something so believable."


"All the prerequisites of an Austen novel are there... from the whimsical heroine to the doting father, and misconceptions of characters and a quaint mix of everything we love about Austen. I was quite impressed with the Austenesque prose, and it has me wondering what I missed with a previous novel of Syrie James, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen... I loved the plot line and how the present day plot sort of mirrored our own emotions as the characters read through the story the same time as we did. Very clever, and I can really imagine all of the story actually being true... Very well done!"

—Burton Book Review

"Syrie James luminously weaves an Austen-style plot within a charming contemporary love story. The real genius of this astonishing work is her use of Austen’s 'Plan of a Novel,' the authentic notes for a book Jane Austen never wrote (that anyone knows about, of course)... Nothing short of masterful. This is a must buy—-and should catapult to the top of your Must Read List for 2013."

—Christina Boyd, Austenprose.com

"Syrie James intrigues readers with the framing story of The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen (what fan wouldn't love to discover an unpublished novel by Jane?), but the heart of the book is the lost manuscript itself. James expertly blends Austen archetypes--bumbling suitors, lady friends both silly and sympathetic, bemused fathers--with her own narrative wit, infusing the story of The Stanhopes with charm and depth... A sweet, enjoyable read for any Austen fan."

—Shelf Awareness

"Syrie James nous entraîne avec elle au coeur de sa passion pour cette romancière anglaise avec le récit palpitant de la découverte d’un manuscrit inédit... Il faut avoir étudier les oeuvres de Jane Austen en profondeur pour oser imaginer un roman qui aurait pu être écrit par elle... Il y a tout dans cet ouvrage : de l’aventure, du suspense, de l’émotion, de la passion, de l’humour et bien entendu, de l’amour, et même 'le grand amour"! Car, comme dans toute bonne romance qui se respecte, 'Monsieur Darcy', l’homme idéal, n’est pas loin ! Un régal de lecture, à découvrir sans hésiter!"

("Syrie James takes us with her to the heart of her passion for the English novelist with the exciting story of the discovery of an unpublished manuscript... One must have studied the works of Jane Austen in depth to dare to imagine a novel that could have been written by her... There is everything in this work: adventure, suspense, emotion, passion, humor and of course, love, and even 'the grand love!' Because, as in all good romances, 'Mr. Darcy,' the ideal man, is not far!" )

—Claire Saim, Onirik (France)

"DELIGHTFUL... I found myself flying through the pages... Any Austen fan will enjoy this book, I would recommend it."

—The Book Garden

"A missing manuscript by a much loved author? Fabulous! ... The story is captivating and James is able to echo Austen’s style to a degree that makes the book charming and welcome—like an old friend."

—The Gilmore Guide To Books

"It was delightful to get lost in the make-believe world of 'what if'.....wouldn't it be wonderful if someone discovered a secret letter and hidden manuscript written by Jane Austen? ... We are treated to Syrie James' fleshing out authentic notes from Jane Austen (Plan of a Novel) into her version of a seventh Austen novel. True to Austen's style and wit,  Syrie created The Stanhopes, an authentic-sounding story that could very well have been written by a young Austen...  Austen fans will be buzzing about this one -- a real treat for Janeites!"

—Books, Belles, and Beaux

"The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is sure to delight any Jane Austen fan. While Samantha's quest for the manuscript and her relationship with Anthony form the foundation of the book, it is the content of the manuscript itself, which takes up the bulk of the narrative, that makes this story come alive.  Syrie James has done a remarkable job of capturing Jane Austen's voice, so much so that one might think they were reading Jane Austen's own words.  It is also obvious that James is thoroughly familiar with Austen's novels, as the inspiration for many of the characters and events in the manuscript can be found within the pages of Austen's books.  Although this novel is two stories rolled into one, both narratives are captivating and both heroines are worth rooting for.  

A delightful novel that you simply won't want to put down, The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is a must read for all Jane Austen enthusiasts."

—Confessions of An Avid Reader

"A sweet heroine in the vein of a slightly feistier Jane Bennet or more mature Catherine Morland...Rebecca receives three proposals, one that is almost as ridiculous as Mr. Collins’ proposal to Elizabeth, and two more serious ones from two suitors who are as different from each other in temperament and intent as, well, Henry Crawford and Edmund Bertram or Willoughby and Colonel Brandon. The road to a romantic union is rocky, and along the way both heroines (Rebecca and Samantha) must learn some harsh truths about themselves and others before they can be united with their heroes. "

—Jane Austen's World

"[This] well-plotted story ... will delight Austen fans. It may even gain a few new ones."

Fine Books

"If there’s one thing the wealth of Jane Austen fans want the rest of the world to know; it’s the fact that Syrie James must be the reincarnation of the prolific Austen, seeing as that her stories, writing style and absolute knowledge of Austen’s works and life, remains unparalleled... Although there are Jane lovers around the world, millions of romance aficionados will go absolutely crazy over this title, and it is because of the captivating work of Syrie James. Yet again, she has delivered a tale of beauty, intelligence, romance and reality all in one stunning book. This is a novel that deserves a standing ovation, and if Jane Austen were still with us - she would be the first one to applaud!"

—The Write Companion

"James does a fantastic job of creating Jane Austen's voice. I found that the story very well could have been written by Austen herself... I found myself lost in this purported 'lost manuscript' and it felt very authentic... Austen's fans will love this book. Syrie James is amazing."

—Girl Lost In A Book

"My very first thought after finishing this book was that I was so sad that it had to come to an end. Syrie James transported me back in time with her lovely book, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, and I have to say that she did it again with this story. I adored The Stanhopes and was absolutely captivated by Rebecca. I absolutely loved the way James set the plot  and how she introduces this lost manuscript of Jane's into the current time. The story never lags and at times I honestly thought I was reading Austen's words. I'm going to run upstairs right now and grab The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen off my shelf....I must read it soon!!! Recommend? Absolutely! Each book that I've read of Syrie James has been wonderful and I swear she must somehow be related to both Austen and Bronte!!"

—Life in the Thumb Blogspot

"I am a huge Jane Austen fan so I was just hoping that this would be an enjoyable book. What I did not expect was a captivating story that I had trouble putting down! The Stanhopes manuscript really did sound like something Jane would have written and it was such an engaging story. I loved how the author let us ‘hear’ the story and how well it added to the plot between Samantha and Anthony. I recommend this book to any Jane Austen fan who is looking for a wonderful and lovely story to read!"

—Paulette's Papers

"I truly loved this book. It was a fast read and another romp into the world of Jane Austen. Reading a Syrie James book is always like giving myself a present. A Syrie James book about a missing Jane Austen manuscript is like waking up Christmas morning. If you are a fan of the works of Jane Austen or just love romantic historical mysteries, then you will certainly enjoy this book."


"Attempting to write a tale mimicking Austen’s style is a daunting task, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. James pulled it off... Ms. James provides an entertaining tale, actually two entertaining tales... I recommend this book for those who love Jane Austen novels. The book serves as a wonderful tribute to both Austen’s novels and the readers who love them. "

—Luxury Reading

"James has a way of capturing Austen’s style that belies the modernity of the story she’s telling, and in many ways, readers will get lost in the manuscript, just as Sam and Anthony do.  The missing manuscript not only captures everyone’s rapt attention, but highlights the enduring truth of Austen’s words in her own novels.  Mirroring the quirky characters Austen created and the hilarious proposals she used in her own novels, James’ missing manuscript echoes the great classics while continuing in the tradition of Austen’s fans by making them fresh and fun."

—Savvy Verse and Wit

"The second I received the review request for this book, I instantly knew that I was going to love it – and I was right! A book about a missing Jane Austen manuscript? I was hooked instantly. This book was written really well and I loved the mystery and the suspense element that the author provides. I was fully invested in the hunt right along with Samantha and was so excited to see how the story unfolded. Overall, this book is a really fun ride with a great twist once you throw Anthony into the mix. I highly recommend this fun tale! 4.5 stars."

—Chick Lit Plus

"Presents a story-within-a-story, both of which will delight ardent fans... If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Jane should be pleased as punch."

—Baltimore Public Library

"Finding a missing manuscript by Jane Austen is any fan's dream come true... With my love for all things Austen and my admiration of James, I couldn't help but find this book appealing in every way. I love the characters, the conflicts, and the resolutions. It was fun to read, and I didn't want to put it down."

—To Read or Not To Read

"As the missing manuscript plays out, readers not only become riveted by the powerful modern-day story between a woman who wants to share a masterpiece with the masses versus a man who wants to gather the wealth; but they also become intrigued in an ‘Austen’ world where a hero and heroine fight their own battle of wills."

—Brattleboro Local News

"The missing manuscript provides humor, mystery, and romance... I appreciated Mr. Stanhope’s wise words: 'What do we really need to be happy, other than the affection of our family, a few good friends, a comfortable home, food on the table, and a worthwhile occupation to fill our days?' I appreciated, in fact, almost everything about this delightful tale within a delightful tale."

—Fans of Jane

The Regency story is about a rector's daughter, Rebecca Stanhope, who finds that friends are not always what they seem. Recommended particularly to fans of Jane Austen...  A delightful Regency tale makes the book entertaining. "

Bookfoolery Blogspot

in this charming homage to Austen's works, themes, and readers.  She does a good job of mimicking the basis plot structure, the character types, and the occasional social digs  that are so characteristic to Austen's works in her created manuscript of The Stanhopes.  And her modern day hero and heroine find themselves at odds in a way that Austen would easily recognize as well... Overall a delightful read, it makes me want to go digging about in old manor homes in England looking for just this sort of tale."