"A YA novel that hits all the right notes: Claire, a teen girl who starts to 'change'; Alec, the boy who knows better but can't help but be drawn to Claire; and secrets, tons of secrets, that will make everyone's lives difficult... The plot and storyline are great, and the characters strong... Forbidden managed to side-step the stereotype grenades ... and continue to be themselves.... From there, the James' go full-out... If you enjoy angels, 'forbidden' romance and dashing heroes, then this should be added to your TBR."


"Forbidden is hands down the most fascinating book I have read in quite a while. It has wit, humor, action, mystery, and is filled with just the right amount of tension. As the characters develop and the story unfolds you will find yourself wrapped up in their world, indulging in every kiss and holding your breath with every twist.

The story is quick and flows briskly through the 400+ pages. It took me half the time to read Forbidden than other books half its size simply because the story was so enthralling. I love how more than once I got to hear the story from Alec’s point of view and really got to know what was going on in his mind. I hope this mother and son writing duo – Syrie and Ryan James – team up again because this book was simply magic!

I highly recommend Forbidden. From the beautiful cover, to the quality writing, and every word within, Forbidden is an amazing addition to the YA genre."

Luxury Reading

"YOUNG ADULTS WHO ENJOYED THE TWILIGHT SERIES WILL BE JUST AS INTRIGUED with what I hope will be a new series. A YA paranormal fantasy gem! I LOVED IT! All things in heaven and earth seem to be most popular to teens and others who enjoy paranormal fantasy and Forbidden is a welcome addition! Many very cool scenarios make this book exciting... and it pulls in a heavenly host of cool characters! Highly recommended."

Book Reader's Heaven

"HANDS DOWN FORBIDDEN HAS THE BEST TRIO SINCE HARRY POTTER! I loved it. Oodles and oodles! Thirty pages in I was officially hooked. We're talking staying up till the sun comes up. I was THAT insanely invested in the story and its characters. After I hit a certain point there was no hope in stopping till I devoured as much as possible. Although I've read quite a few angel books lately, this is another one that I confidently say – stands out... I LOVED this book. It had plenty of humor, romance, action, mystery, and suspense. The villain was totally badass. The angel aspect was unique and not overbearing in the sence that what truly drives this story is its amazing characters, not its paranormal aspect. Oh! and the cliffhanger – SO cruel. But in that I can’t flippin' wait to read book two kind of way. 5 stars!"

The Book Slayer

"WHAT A GREAT STORY AND SERIES they've started with Alec and Claire and the rest of the gang. I've read a few titles that revolve around Angels and their offspring, the nephilim, but none quite like this spin... All of you readers out there looking for a good and easily a quick read (since you won't be able to put it down for long in between pages) I highly recommend checking this one out for yourselves. Be warned that with each new series, there's always the risk that once you become hooked, you're sure to be at the James' mercy...waiting for that second installment to come out, and counting down the days to find out what will happen next."

The Bookshelf Sophisticate

"THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! Definitely 5 stars!! Time just flew by while I was reading. The story follows Claire through her adventures of meeting Alec, an angel at her high school, and she discovers the powers that she has as well... The book seemed to take a different stance than most teen paranormal romance novels and I really appreciated that."

The Paige Turner

"LOVE IT! Recommended to paranormal fans who like a clean, light read with plenty of romantic tension, solid writing and a nice plot. I liked the characters and was swept away by the dilemma, the romance, and the paranormal elements…. Forbidden swept me away and entertained me."

Book Foolery

"A MUST READ. DEFINITELY ADDED TO MY TOP 24 OF ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS. The characters were very unique and will grow on you... The paranormal aspect of the story was different from the norm. I loved reading about the strict lives of angels and how they cope with it. The conclusion offered a really great twist. By the way it ended, it only promised that the following book would contain more action and the move to be more intense. The events are fast paced and exciting and is highly recommended."

Jean Book Nerd

"I DIDN'T WANT THIS BOOK TO END... I loved this book from the first page. The narration is really amazing. The writing style is just brilliant. The dialogue... unbelievable ... Forbidden is suspenseful, surprising and a fantastic read... I recommend it for everyone. Rating: 5/5."

The Sagacity Quest

"A THRILLING RIDE... the romance is so powerful... This is not just a YA, this is a truly amazing story that, while you're reading it, you’re also picking out the best actors to play the roles on the big screen. All age groups will find themselves absolutely attached to this incredible novel! 5 stars."

Feathered Quill

"FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN, PACED, AND DEVELOPED! My students are just going to eat it up! I can’t wait to tell them about it! I've already emailed my trusted library specialist and told her 'You must have a couple copies of this book by the end of the week!' The plot is addictive... The characters were absolutely lovely and I enjoyed the dual narration between Alec and Claire. I loved the progression there and saw it as perfectly natural rather than rushed and instantly 'I love you!'...I about fell off my chair when I found out Alec's lineage... Overall, this book was amazing! I am dying to read the sequel! 5 STARS!" "

Miss Remmer's Reviews

"Two great characters who complement one another perfectly with an exciting supporting cast that I would love to get to know in future books. A sweet romance that blossoms slowly through the book and will leave the reader begging for more. Alec has always believed that any child between a human and an angel had to be eliminated. He'll have to look deep within himself to make the choice, since in this particular instance, that person is Claire, a girl he really likes. With beautiful writing and a modern setting, FORBIDDEN is an exciting read!"

Romance Junkies

"Claire made a great heroine... Alec won me over immediately... Secondary characters are just as interesting as our two primaries...  Adding a hint of danger, as well, is a group of Goth teens known as the Fallen-–nephilim who have sided with darker forces and who are out to convert other nephilim to their cause...   The romance builds quietly and naturally... Nicely paced, with interesting characters and just enough tweaks to make it feel fresh, Forbidden was entertaining and left me rushing to find a sequel."

Riffs and Reviews

"BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. Romantic and filled with delicious tension. Forbidden enchants!"

—Sophie Jordan, author of Firelight

"FORBIDDEN grabs you from the start and doesn't let go. "

Miss Literati

"4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS. Look out, Alyson Noel. Make way, Becca Fitzpatrick. Heads up, Lauren Kate. There is a spectacular new Young Adult (YA) writing team on the horizon! ... Full of intrigue, romance and humor …[and] very much about trust, discovery, and love … I was entertained by the inspired prose, witty dialogue, the humorous actions and reactions, and of course, the honest, pure character development… I assure you, I look forward to James and James next installment. This may be written for Young Adults, however, might I also suggest, for the young at heart?"


"Forbidden is a wonderfully amazing story that I absolutely adore. A love story that explodes off the page making me and all other readers unable to exit this world that we've been transported into. An ending that leaves readers itching for more."

Kiss The Book

"I really enjoyed this fun and easy romantic read. I loved loved loved Alec and how loving and caring he was towards Claire. They went through a lot together and watching how Alec really protected and would do anything for her was pretty hot. I give it 4 stars!"

Janae's Book Obsession

"This book was an easy, fun, paranormal book that I devoured in a couple of days. I would recommend this to fans of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, as well as Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series. Claire, our protagonist, is smart and sensible when it comes to her newly found gifts and her attraction to Alec. Her friends were just fantastic, fun characters. I loved how they could make me laugh anytime they were on the page. She trusts them with her secrets, and together they try to find reasonable explanations for everything, including Alec. Oh, Alec. I totally fell in love with him... Was it fun being in his head. Though he is a confident warrior, he is a little insecure as a 'normal' teenage boy... I just wanted to hug him! And did I mention he is Scottish??"

Gone With The Words

"4 STEAK AND POTATOES. MEATY, DELICIOUS, AND WONDERFUL... Claire is a main character that I actually really liked. She is smart and capable and not a ditzy damsel in distress. This book gets extra awesome points from me for giving Claire awesome friends! Even though this book was just over 400 pages it felt like a quick and well paced read to me. I did read it in a day and never lost interest. I felt like we were given answers at almost the same rate as new questions were posed and that kept me turning pages... The story managed a good balance between realism and the supernatural... I personally do not like reading a book that has so much supernatural that the characters stop living in the real world and doing things they should be. Those moments keep a story grounded and relatable and that makes the supernatural easier to swallow. This book had that balance perfect. I am really excited to see what happens next in this series! BOTTOM LINE: It surprised me how much I enjoyed this book, can’t wait to read more!"

Books Devoured

"A VERY ENJOYABLE PARANORMAL ROMANCE... I really liked Claire and Alec. The two have a wonderful, sweet romance. I like stories with good kids who are working hard and not afraid to be smart... The strength of the relationships in the story and the romance will keep readers engaged. I couldn't put the book down and spent most of a day reading it. I want a sequel!"

Ms. Martin Teaches Media

"Forbidden written by mother and son duo Syrie James and Ryan M. James was an incredibly enjoyable book for me. I enjoyed it so much that I pretty much had all 400+ pages read in just under a day... It was really a great book, told in tandem by both Claire and Alec, it gives the reader the perspective of both the innocent (Claire) and the guy with most of the answers (Alec). I really liked that I was able to see both of their POV's because it made the book that much better. It had a light love triangle, adventure and suspense and of course FORBIDDEN love! There are some good plot twists that I didn't see coming and that's something I always enjoy in a book. I can see a sequel coming and I'll definitely read it. THE FAERY SAYS FORBIDDEN SET MY WINGS A FLUTTER!"

The Book Faery

"I haven't read many novels about angels, but if they're anything like this, I've been missing out on a pretty awesome genre!... Claire is a great protagonist, especially because she is so relatable with her need to do well in school while trying to fit it. What I loved most about her, though, was how she told her two best friends everything that was going on with her... which is pretty rare in fantasy books. Not only did she confide in her friends, but she also had the best male counterpart EVER!  Angels may give off the stereotype of being fluffy pretty boys, but Alec is definitely one lean mean fighting machine! He takes care of himself and has no problem at all protecting those he cares about. And that accent! Yum! Claire and Alec are SO cute together that I just sigh at how sweet they are! ... It was so hard to put down!  Not only does Forbidden have a gorgeous cover, the story is irresistible! I hope there's a new one coming out sometime soon because I can't wait to see what happens next to Claire and Alec! !"

Reading With Style

"A REALLY ENJOYABLE READ. I love books which involve angels and forbidden love. But Forbidden by Syrie James and her son Ryan James is nothing like the others angelic books I've read so far. It sure gave some freshness to this ever-growing genre... The plot was amazingly different from what I expected. There were several plot twists I wasn't expecting and that I really enjoyed. Hopefully this book will receive some well-deserved attention because I can't wait to read more about these characters!"

Books To Consider

"There is quite a bit going on at this buffet table! I was surprised by the darker element the authors were able to intertwine within the story's plot. Characters coming from an angelic descendant take some turns towards evil and as the story picks up you get invested in the young adults and plot line. ... I found myself flying through the pages to get to the ending and see how this might all possibly end... Forbidden is a well thought out story with the young in mind but one that anyone who's looking for a fun read could enjoy."

I Smell Sheep Book Reviews

"Syrie James & Ryan M. James knock it out of the ballpark with the new YA, Forbidden! For anyone who reads great books the name Syrie James should already be on top of all ‘to-read’ lists, as well as categorized as a consistent ‘5-Star’ author on all reviewer’s lists. Whether taking on Jane Austen, vampires, or anything else you can think of, Ms. James definitely knows how to create a story that is the ‘best of the best.’  But this time around she brings two new things to the table: The subject of angels told in a new way that hasn’t already been done six hundred times; and her son, Ryan, who enhances the story ten-fold with his own creativity and a definite ‘male’ point of view. (Which YA has needed for some time)... A story of pure fun, fantasy, romance, humor - you name it - Syrie James and her son have brought it!"

St. Augustine News

"Forbidden was well written, and I appreciated that the authors made Claire smart and tough... It made me love her. Alec is seriously cute, even cute enough to make this 35 year old become a little smitten, and their sweet romance is what powered this novel. She’s also got a couple of very cool, very loyal friends at her side. Teens will eat this one up, especially those that like a little supernatural with their romance."

My Bookish Ways

"A light, airy fantasy/adventure/romance that I went through like a box of Fiddle Faddle... I'd totally read the sequel if it were in front of me... I enjoyed its straightforward charm... I enjoyed how the authors didn't blow their supernatural creature wad right at the beginning, letting me wonder for a while what it was going to be... I'm a sucker for an occasional fun supernatural adventure/romance. This one fit the bill."


"If you love paranormal stories dealing with angels, Forbidden is one for your wish list. If you love romance, here is a great romance story! If you like books with music written into the story, here's one for your to-be-read list. It is totally age-appropriate and works well for younger as well as more mature YA audiences, and I even think adults would enjoy it."

Into The Hall of Books

"A FUN, SWEET READ THAT I COULD NOT PUT DOWN. I fell in love with this right away and couldn't wait to find out what happened next... I loved the angel lore that Syrie and James presented, giving readers a unique and new take on it. They weren't your typical guardians or fallen angels... I enjoyed discovering everything along with the characters. I hated for it to end, but loved being able to take the journey. And with the way that the story was left off, it gives me hope that there could possibly be more from these characters and this fabulous duo in the future. *crosses fingers*"

A Trail of Books

"I WAS SO INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED with this novel! Syrie and Ryan James have accomplished the nearly impossible feat of writing about teenagers without being too sexually explicit while keeping the story lively, interesting, and fast-moving!  The James' story manages to convey the sense of longing and affection the two main characters have for each other without having to paint a graphic picture!  Well Done!!! The background and storytelling held my attention throughout the story. I highly recommend this book, and I hope that this is the beginning of what promises to be a much-anticipated series!"

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews

"What a real great angel read!! One of the many things that I enjoyed about Forbidden was the plot. It is very mysterious and keeps you guessing and it was great trying to figure out what would be happening next... I also really liked how the book was written from both Alec's and Claire's point of view. Not many books are written from dual perspectives, especially a boy and a girl, so it was really great to see what was going through both of the character's heads, not just one. I also really liked the romance in this book! Overall, if you are looking for a great angel book to read, I recommend that you read Forbidden! Here's hoping that I sequel will be coming out soon :)"

Sarah Catching Books

"Do you ever feel like reading some YA is a guilty pleasure?  I do. Especially some of Harper Teens books. And this was one of those... This was a mother and son writing team and I think they did a great job...  We get both points of view at various times and it really adds to the story... It's a pleasure to read and the ending had a neat little twist to it that left me wanting more.  I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series!"

Buried in Books

"EXCITING! Don't miss Forbidden, a well written and appealing addition to the YA paranormal genre."

Book Loons

"Not only was it a good storyline that kept me reading, but my curiosity got the best of me... I certainly wasn't ready for the outcome of some of the characters and I absolutely love when I am a little surprised by a book. I really appreciated that while it had a great anchoring love story, it was very clean and very suitable for the YA genre... I would recommend this book to all ages that 'qualify' for the YA genre. As a mom, I appreciate seeing well-written, clean, captivating stories. Congratulations on a great debut!"

Cici's Theories

"An entertaining read with characters that grow on you. The narration is a bit different than what I am used to, as it switches from Alec's point of view to Claire's point of view, but is an interesting take on how both main characters view each situation... It was interesting to read how angels lived so strictly, even though they weren't sure of their true purpose...I also enjoyed reading about Claire's psychic abilities and can't wait to find out more. Rating: 4/5."

Dream Wish Live

"Let's get one thing straight: I don't usually like paranormal romance... so I went into FORBIDDEN expecting another lackluster story bursting with clichés and a whiny female protagonist. And wow, was I surprised. ... There was something captivating to the story, something that sucked me in. I was flipping pages like mad through some parts, and there weren't any places where I was bored. If you don't tend to like paranormal fiction, FORBIDDEN is definitely a book to try. This is that rare kind of novel that grips your attention and doesn't let you go. Here's hoping for a sequel!"

My Words Ate Me Blogspot

"This new entry into the angelic fiction genre is written in both Claire and Alec’s voices. Both main characters are well-drawn, with believable motivations and reactions to their situations. The ending leaves enough room for a sequel, and fans of the genre will definitely demand one."

Heather Miller Cover for School Library Journal

"MUST READ OF THE WEEK! Syrie James puts out some great books, there’s no question.  What we didn’t know, though, is that the talent she exhibits is in the genes.  Ryan, her first born, makes his debut, writing with his mother... It’s good-hearted fun, and it’s evident that the mother-son duo had the time of their life writing it. 4 out of 5 stars."

—The Authors Speak Read of the Week

"LOVED IT! The romance itself is forbidden, but of course Alec and Claire are so into each other.  I'm a sucker for a struggle like that. I should also mention that Alec was swoonworthy... I mean, who doesn’t like a lean muscular guy with a Scottish accent? I would rec this book and I will be getting the next one... I loved the ending, it was action packed and intense and I found out quite a bit of information that I was craving all along. If you love stories about angels and are looking for a quick and fun read you should check it out."

The Book Hookup

"AN ADDICTIVE READ. This book is great! It is amazingly written and sucks you right into Claire’s world as it gets turned upside down... It isn't like the other angel paranormal books out there. This will make you want more more more."

—Beneath the Cover

"Quite effective paranormal suspense and intense-but-quixotic high-school romance... Genre addicts will enjoy it."

—Kirkus Reviews

"THIS BOOK HAD ME HOOKED FROM THE FIRST PAGE... Alec was the perfect combination of good boy and mysterious, bad boy... I loved the mystery... The ending of the book was full of action... I really enjoyed the twists and turns at the end. It grabbed me before I even opened the cover and kept my attention the whole way through. A must-read! 4 stars."

Bookloving Mommy

"Claire rocked in Forbidden ... She had a backbone... Thank you Syrie James and Ryan James, for not writing an idiot as your heroine... If you’re a fan of angel books – definitely pick it up! ... it is one of the better reads in the genre."

The Allure of Books

"What Alec and Claire find out about each other is really the last thing that either of them expected, but it turns out to be a beautiful romance until they are told otherwise. This leaves Claire fighting for her life and Alec willing to lose his to protect her... I am hoping that this will be a series, I would love to read more about their budding romance and where they all go from here. Rating: 4 Good Nite Kisses."

Nightly Reading

"5 STARS! I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK. I really felt like I could connect with the characters. I really enjoyed the forbidden love story and all of the conflicts they had to deal with through to the end. I felt myself pulling for Claire and Alec throughout the whole book, and I haven't really felt that way in any book before. I just love both of the characters so much!"

Annabell's Book Nook

"I REALLY LOVED THE STORY. The premise was interesting, and I like how I had to keep guessing and trying to figure out what was going on.... Alec is an amazing character... mysterious and dangerous, yet soft and romantic... I'm not going to tell you exactly what Claire is, but she's something forbidden. Her entire life should not even exist... There's no manuals on how to be herself... I liked Claire's friends a lot. I wish I had good friends like them when I was in high school. There were several plot twists that made me go, "Whoa! I definitely wasn't thinking THAT would happen!"... The book will appeal to more than just YA readers... it was a wonderful book."

The Broke and the Bookish

"A GREAT READ AND I'D RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!! This book immediately caught my eye because I thought the cover was just beautiful; and when I also found out that it was co-written by Syrie James (who also wrote Dracula, My Love, which I loved!!), I couldn't help but move this book to the top of my list. The story focuses around a teenager named Claire who begins having psychic visions of the future - but has no clue why... I really enjoyed this book. I loved that the book was written from both Claire's and Alec's points of view. It made the book read even faster. The action and fighting in the story were great and I totally imagined this book as a movie because of it.... 4 out of 5 stars!"

—Maria @ GoodChoiceReading.com

"THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! I loved Claire. My favorite character was definitely Helena, she was so sassy! Actually, I liked all the characters, from the good guys to the bad guys. They were all very well developed and I felt like they were people I would know... The story moved at a great pace, with lots of details. Claire and Alec's love was very believable... One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the fact that the book was written by a mother and son (Syrie and Ryan), it was so cool!"

Tumbling Books

"I loved that it was told through Claire's and Alec's viewpoints, switching back and forth each chapter. If you love angel books, I would definitely recommend this to you, and to any paranormal fan."

Starry Sky Books

"EXCITING! A unique spin on angel lore, a great paranormal mythology, fun characters, and a sweet romance, plus there's a bit of action. Did I mention the main love interest has a Scottish accent? I liked that the story is told in third person, and from the point of view of both Claire and Alec... there's a lot that happens... which made the story line that much more exciting. I loved feeling like I was apart of the story in trying to figure things out along with Claire. Especially Alec. He definitely has his secrets... The more I learned about him, the more I loved his character. The chemistry he and Claire have is great."

Mundie Moms

"The characters were outstanding... Even though I'm always a bit reluctant to tackle angel stories, this one exceeded my expectations. I loved Syrie and Ryan's writing. Forbidden is told from alternating POVs so it was nice to see the story from both characters. They made the story fun by putting in a lot of humor and twists throughout. I will absolutely read something by them again and I can't wait to see what happens next with this series."

Confessions of a Bookaholic

"I really enjoyed this book... I could instantly relate with Claire and... found her to be a refreshing teen female protagonist... Alec is new to emotions, new to food, new to anything human and this made him unique and quite interesting... There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. Right until the very last page I didn't know how everything would turn out. Rating: 4 stars."

Mission to Read

"Team James provide an entertaining teenage romantic urban fantasy. The storyline is fast-paced while the antics of the heroine are fun to follow as her hormones war with her brain.... Alec is a unique individual who is wary and in love. Readers will enjoy Claire’s coming of age not so angelic Los Angeles joy ride."


"From a trio of fallen angels to a battle with a were-creature, this fast-paced plot is extremely adventurous. And the romance? Let’s just say that the romance is so powerful between Claire and Alec that they make old Bella and Edward look like nothing more than good friends."

Zimbio Magazine

"Like angels meet X-Men... It was told from two points of view: Alec's and Claire's, which I found refreshing. It was nice not to read a one-sided love story. The characters had a lot of depth to them and they were easy to like. Even the minor characters had personality and back-stories which I enjoyed a lot... I liked the sarcasm, humor and dialogue throughout the book. The portrayal of teens, especially their awkwardness, was nice and authentic... The writing was good and I think that the next novel in the series has a lot of potential."

—Books: A True Story

"After powering through the first five or six chapters, I was ready to read it to the end only breaking to eat and sleep... I loved how Forbidden switched character perspective each chapter.  Reading from both Claire and Alec’s point of view helped with character development as well as understanding how their relationship was growing. I grew to really love the story line and characters.  I laughed, cried, and got angry throughout this book.  I would definitely recommend this Forbidden!"

Doodle's Book Blog

"The mythology here was unique and very interesting. There have been a lot of books revolving around angels recently, but at the same time the authors manage to take the idea and make it their own."

—Paper Dreams

"A good story. If you like angels and part angels engaging in a forbidden love story, this is it."

—A Musing Reviews

"The likable characters and smooth prose keep the pages turning."

—Fantasy Literature