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"SPOOKY, SUSPENSEFUL, EXCITING, AND FILLED WITH MYSTERY AND ROMANCE... The writing style is breathtakingly beautiful. Syrie's descriptions are notoriously amazing, in my opinion... The characters are so well developed. Each person has their own voice and their own opinions. Dracula is strong, sexy, deceptive, evil, manipulative, and extremely romantic! Mina is also very strong, rebellious, and thinks for herself during a time when women are supposed to be meek and submissive. She grows up a lot over the course of the book and learns a lot about herself... You will be glued to every page and travel through every emotion with her... Reading Mina's side of the story made me understand and appreciate Dracula so much more... You should definitely read this book. It is a truly beautiful story of love, deception, obsession, survival, and sacrifice. I was riveted, and could not put it down! I went out and bought every other novel by Syrie James, and she has yet to disappoint me thus far!"

That Artsy Reader Girl

Mina finds herself unable to resist the allure of the Count, especially when it seems he may in fact not be the terrible monster he has been painted as by so many others... The last half had me flipping pages almost too quickly, desperate to find out that fates of these characters whose fates I'd thought I already knew.  That must be the mark of a great re-telling, and so Dracula, My Love most certainly is that.  The way Dracula's apparently malevolent actions are explained is really well-done and convincing.   I love how the book doesn't tie every loose end up, but instead leaves just enough unexplained after its shocking and stirring ending to make readers wonder."

A Myriad Of Books

"Fans of Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer will find much to rejoice about in this novel, which corresponds much more closely to those authors' depictions of vampires than Stoker's original. However, in my opinion, James is a better writer than either. I actually think I enjoyed this book more than I did Dracula, though the English teacher in me recoils to admit it. It's a perfect read... If you like vampire stories, you'll love Dracula, My Love, and even if you don't like vampires, you'll probably like it."

Much Madness is Divinest Sense

"The rest of the world might think they know everything about the Count from Transylvania, but only Mina Harker, who once fell under the seductive spell of literature's most famous vampire, knows Dracula's true story. James gives readers an intriguing alternate theory as to the events that occurred in Stoker's classic horror tale while at the same time delivering a spooky yet thoroughly romantic love story."

Chicago Tribune

"This retelling of the classic vampire story is rich with emotion, feelings, and passion. I found myself huddled late at night trying to read one more chapter before sleep claimed me... Dracula, My Love is a page-turner of a book that describes an intelligent, lonely man trapped in a life-style not of his choosing... James paints Dracula as a man filled with love and compassion that struggles to contain his lust for companionship, before it becomes an all-encompassing and deadly obsession... The focus of Dracula’s attention is the beautiful yet unassuming Mina, fiancée of Dracula’s solicitor, Jonathan Harker. James again sketches a complete picture of this young woman, as she leaves behind girlhood fantasies and matures into a woman with intelligence and lust for life... This novel is an excellent choice for book club readers [and] a must read for any vampire booklovers. You come to crave the heat of Dracula and Mina’s passion while shivering from the cold and lonely torment of Dracula’s eternal existence."

Suite 101 Book Reviews

"What magnificent writing! Ms. James's Dracula may be a bit more romantic and reputable than Bram Stoker's original (an aspect which might chagrin some purists), but I completely fell in love with him! ... To put it simply: this novel was truly outstanding! I took pleasure in gaining new understanding and insight to Dracula's character, the compelling action of the plot, and the ardent yet illicit love affair between Dracula and Mina Harker. Dracula, My Love is a poignant, passionate, and powerful novel you should not miss!"

Austenesque Reviews

"This very romantic side to Dracula, seen through Mina’s eyes, is powerfully sensuous and gives credence to his obsession and Mina’s acquiescence.  Masterfully told, smooth flowing and compelling; DRACULA, MY LOVE by imaginative storyteller Syrie James should sit side by side with Bram Stoker’s DRACULA on your keeper shelf."

Single Titles Reviews

Syrie James weaves a tale of quite a different Dracula: a mouth-wateringly handsome, powerful, cultured and passionate one. Instead of a cruel killer, this is a man who avoids human tragedy at all cost and would love nothing better than to share his eternal life with Mina. And believe me, she is tempted! But, alas, she is the only one who sees this side of him. To the rest of the world and, more importantly, her beloved husband, he is a vicious killer who must be stopped at all cost. Mina finds herself torn between the two men she loves and is taken on a quest from which she will return a completely different woman. And we will never think of Dracula in the same way ever again.

Syrie James has previously written The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë about the lives and loves of two of Britain's most popular authors. I immensely enjoyed her book about Jane Austen, so I was interested to see how she would tackle this tale. And...I...Loved...It! This is a gripping story, infused with passion, excitement and emotional turmoil. It sheds a whole new light on Count Dracula. In true über-vampire style, he completely outdoes Edward Cullen and Buffy's Angel in the sexy tortured soul stakes. This vampire can bite my neck any time!"

American Book Center

"Syrie James has done an exceptional job in creating real sexual tension ... The novel surpassed my expectations by far. A likeable and smart protagonist that is easy to identify with ... full of gripping twists and turns. In my opinion this title is a highlight of its genre."
(Translated from the German) (Germany)

"The book is a perfect example of [the] way to sex up the old Count... James’ Mina is torn, and James writes it earnestly, if breathlessly: Jonathan Harker is portrayed as a complex, loving husband, and Mina loves him -- but she loves Mr. Wagner, whom she eventually learns is Dracula and calls Nicolae -- just as much... Fans of Twilight will feel right at home with this archetypal vampire, because he, like cute little Edward, must constantly exercise the utmost self-control when around Mina, lest his dark appetite (the other dark appetite, that is) engulf him... Her book is crammed with fond echoes of Stoker (it's clear she's read the book countless--no pun intended--times) ... And there’s no denying the odd appeal of James' ear for the kind of histrionic melodrama Stoker also loved."

Open Letters Monthly: An Arts & Literature Review

James recreates an incredible depiction of Dracula that is both attractive and chilling. I became so intrigued with Dracula that I wasn't sure which man I wanted Mina to end up with, and often found myself secretly rooting for him. The original storyline is followed quite well, and while James does take some writer's liberties, the overall impact is a riveting, detailed, fascinating look at the story of Dracula. Recommended for all vampire lore lovers."

—Historical Novels Review

James provides a rich revisiting of the Dracula story through Mina's secret journal, which introduces an abundance of loopholes, alternate plot paths, and reinterpretations of the original characters. Justine Eyre proves a strong narrator as the first-person voice of Mina; she keeps a solid and clear English accent while switching fluently into other accented voices including Quincy Morris, a Texan; Dr. Van Helsing, a Dutchman; and the Transylvanian Dracula. Through pauses, pace, and emphasis, she builds tension during the more pitched moments, but also keeps the exposition and contemplative moments engaging without being overdramatic. Eyre is particularly adept at vocalizing Mina's inner turmoil as Mina is torn between Dracula's erotic hold over her and the more steady (and sane) appeal of Jonathan."

Publisher's Weekly (AUDIO Review)

"Introduces new elements of Mina’s background, like her tragic past and the strong spirit it instilled in her ... With its poetic, 19th-century prose style, this tale about a fierce, forbidden romance will appeal to even the most jaded romance fan."

—Library Journal

James has written an excitingly dark tale with a romantic twist that is a page turner from start to finish. The author has given Dracula something that is missing in earlier novels – a heart and soul. I remember reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula years ago and realized after reading this new book that James has really added to the original story, giving it new life and an entirely fresh perspective. There was even a twist at the very end which I didn’t see coming but gave the story a satisfying conclusion. Like a vampire draining his latest victim, I sucked down every juicy detail of Dracula, My Love. I really enjoyed this novel and would highly recommend it."

Stephanie's Written Word

"Have you ever wondered what really happened between Mina and Dracula? Syrie James provides her own provocative interpretation in the exciting Dracula, My Love... the author manages to explain away elements from the original Dracula, putting a less-sinister spin upon the events and Dracula's motivations... Ultimately, this thoroughly engrossing novel serves as both an homage and as an alternative to the original story, inspiring the reader to ask that most important of questions in this genre: what if? Was Dracula, the character, truly the epitome of evil incarnate ... or should that judgment take into account the perspective of the person telling the story? To James's credit, she keeps the suspense level high, so that even readers familiar with the original story will be furiously turning pages to see what happens next. This excellent novel should appeal to fans of both the timeless, original Dracula tale and paranormal romance."

Bitten By Books

"The author skillfully constructs a story that lets us understand why Mina fell so hard for Dracula. We enter Mina's psyche and fully understand her wants, her fears, and her desires. We likewise develop an understanding of Dracula's motivations. This insight explains why a human woman and a "monster" would literally ache to be with one another. Dracula, My Love made me feel the way I did when I first watched the Frank Langella Dracula movie from 1979 and the Gary Oldman Dracula film from 1992: exhilarated, enthralled, and completely mesmerized. Reading the classic story from a woman's perspective adds an element of sensitivity to the tale that greatly enriched my reading experience. Vampire book lovers will absolutely love this book... Syrie James's retelling of the story is brilliantly executed and deserves to be added to your "to be read again" shelf of books."

Dracula, My Love had me hooked immediately.  Filled with suspense and romance, it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  It was incredibly well written and I couldn’t put it down.  Syrie James paints an amazing picture of Dracula that left me both infatuated and appalled, whether you love or hate vampires, you will enjoy it."

Lit Fest Magazine

MY RATING: 5 out of 5 stars.
"DRACULA, MY LOVE is a gateway drug for those of us who have yet to read vampire primary source material. DRACULA, MY LOVE is an accessible first person story told from the point of view of the admirable Mina Harker (or 'Mina Murray' in the start of our story). Mina is a believable product of her Victorian upbringing, and beyond that, she is also intelligent, honorable, and curious... James does an excellent job drawing the reader in to a period mindset... I cared about Mina and the choices she was making, the life she was choosing. She was so vivid and pivotal, I can't imagine the story of Count Dracula without Mina at it's center...

DRACULA, MY LOVE has enough practical problem solving and mysterious bat/cloud/wolf creatures to make me swoon. While James sets a new camera angle on a familiar old story, she also draws the reader in to ask the same questions that fuel her story from the very first page, 'How much do you trust your conclusions? What can you prove? What if what you 'know' is wrong?' My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Near Perfect - Buy two copies: one for you and one for a friend."

All Things Urban Fantasy

"What if Mina wasn't just ensorcelled by Dracula, but truly loved him? I figured this would be a hard sell for me ... Mina in love with Dracula? The man who killed her best friend? I wondered how Syrie James would get me past this issue. The answer is really clever. James makes excellent use of a plot point in "Dracula" that always did ring false to me as a modern reader. The Count has explanations for all the other crimes he's accused of, too. Which, if any, of his stories are true?

James strikes an effective balance between the bones of Stoker's story and the need to make Mina a dynamic character... gives her Mina plenty of opportunities to affect events behind the scenes, and also gives her the compelling emotional dilemma of being torn between two men she loves in different ways... Dracula, My Love is a fun, engrossing novel that will keep you turning pages to learn what will happen next and what twists Syrie James will add to the original."

If you loved the classic Dracula then this book is a must read. She tells the story from a whole different view with a romantic twist. So many questions were left unanswered in the original such as who are the three female vampires living in the castle, how did Dracula become a vampire, what is his side of the story and many more. The author has taken the classic tale and made it so much better... I couldn't help but fall in love with Dracula in this book and I didn't know who I wanted to come out on top in the end. Don't get me wrong. This book still has that spooky feeling we all experienced in the classic. Dracula is no way totally innocent... I highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal and historical romance."

Romance Book Junkies

"I seriously loved this book. It is a truly beautiful story of love, deception, obsession, survival, and sacrifice. I was riveted, and could not put it down! I saw the tender, romantic side of Dracula and found myself falling for him right along with Mina!... It was entirely captivating, and I think I've discovered a new author to follow. "

Broke and Bookish

"I can't even express to you how much I loved this book - but I will try my best! ... Bram Stoker's Dracula spawned a lifetime of fiction and even more superstitions - but at the same time, there were a lot of unanswered questions in his work. And Syrie James sets out to answer those questions... Through [Mina's] journals, we learn about a secret, deep and wonderfully love-filled affair between Mina and Dracula. The story paints Dracula not as this awful, blood-thirsty monster, but as a lonely immortal who has finally found the love of his life.
The character of Mina is also one of my favorites because not only is she beautiful, but she is incredibly intelligent as well - oftentimes outwitting all of the men in her life! This story was incredibly suspenseful, funny and romantic. I loved falling in love with Dracula and I couldn't wait to find out which of the two men in her life Mina would choose. Everyone should read this story, as well as Bram Stoker's original. It will be a wonderful treat!"

Good Choice Reading

"Syrie James took Bram Stoker’s novel and turned it on its head, all the while staying true to the original story. At each revelation, I wondered, how is she going to explain this? ... Although an American, she writes convincingly as a British subject of that era... What I was really impressed with is how James took Stoker's story and made it better. On my scale of 10 p.m. for a story that I can put down at bedtime and not give another thought to, to 1 a.m. for a page-turner that would keep me up well past my bedtime, I give Dracula, My Love a solid midnight rating. I highly recommend it."

Highlight of My Day

"Syrie James reinstilled my love for the classic Dracula with her rendition of this classic. So many questions were left unanswered in Stoker's tale and James has giveN us the gift of a female perspective. I enjoyed this look into Dracula's tale immensely and I suggest it for any lover of the genre. You will fall in love with the danger and the man all over again."

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James takes us back to the simplicity of horror from Mina’s point of view. The story follows closely to the original novel while giving us new info to work with. New explanations to things that Stoker never gave us. I fell in love with Dracula instead of fearing him but a slight bit of unease was always present. James made me feel sympathy for Dracula even in the end. If you have loved Dracula, or any of the horror classics you should read Syrie James. She breathed new life into a favorite book. It was like reading it again for the first time. 4.8 OUT OF 5 STARS."

"I was deeply drawn to all three characters. Mina is, for the most part, a rich, believable character. I really liked Jonathan, who is tender and affectionate, and I could see that he, too, struggles with the rigid gender expectations of his time. I was intrigued by Dracula, an immortal who has used the centuries at his disposal to pursue a broad self-education in literature, history, and the arts but is agonizingly lonely. He struggles against the evil side of his nature, and despite his overwhelming desire and the impressive powers at his disposal, he wants Mina to come to him of her own free will. I could understand why Mina was torn between Jonathan, with whom she has love, deep friendship, and a shared history, and Dracula, who encourages her to seek freedom and independence and awakens her sexuality...   Dracula, My Love is rich with literary references, and it touches on some of the important discussions of the day... It is likely to appeal to readers of intelligent historical fiction as well as fans of all things bloody and paranormal. And James is a terrific storyteller; I found this novel delightfully fun and difficult to put down."

Laughing Stars 66

I love the way this book was written. Ms. James writes Mina in such a way that we are able to get glimpses of what the other characters are feeling through Mina’s observations. Both love stories in this novel (Mina and Jonathan/Mina and Dracula) have such depth... I became so caught up in the story that I really wasn’t sure who I wanted Mina to end up with. Anyone who is a fan of Dracula or even those who just want to read a really emotional love story should read DRACULA, MY LOVE. Rating: 9 (Excellent)"

The Season For Romance

"This remarkable story twists and turns with every page ... From the eerie, dark streets of London, to a psychiatric hospital that houses a man named Renfield, the story unfolds with fast-paced action, well-written dialogue, and historical events mixed in with a truly remarkable love story that keeps the reader glued to every page.

Syrie James is the author of the fantastic work, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. Here, once again, she doesn't disappoint. Mixing history with a fantastic, well-known mystery has certainly given this author another hit ... right out of the park.

Quill says: The vampire publishing juggernaut has finally turned its eye on the most beloved of them all. Readers will bury themselves happily in this book, because the one and only Count has truly been gone for far too long."

Feathered Quill

Syrie James transports you back in time with an enchanting tale of a hidden romance between Mina Harker and Dracula... I really enjoyed Syrie's different take on Dracula, he was intriguing and mysterious. ... Written in Mina's perspective Dracula, My Love is an excitingly dark tale with a romantic twist that is a page turner from start to finish."

Marissa's Sizzling Hot Books

"In Syrie James's take, Dracula, My Love, she has studied various versions of the vampire mythos, including Bram Stoker's original, and compiled it into a unique journal, that of Mina Harker. I think she did a brilliant job of reinventing the wheel, so to speak. While at times it did lean towards being overly romantic (and with the latest trend of fangbangers, who can blame her?) I found it thrilling and would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good paranormal/vampire novel... Kudos to James--not only am I interested in her previous work, I look forward to her works to come."


When Bram Stoker compiled the journals necessary to tell the tale of Dracula, he didn't know that Mina Harker had heavily censored her journals in order to protect herself and both of the men she loved. Now, Mina recounts the events of that desperate time, revealing the truth about her love for both Jonathan and Dracula and about the true nature of a being far different from the vicious killer he was thought to be.

The Jonathan-Mina-Dracula love triangle was fantastic. Throughout the story, Mina's feelings for the two men in her life were consistent. She loved them both, differently but equally, and I really appreciated this set up... I was most impressed by how authentic the story felt. James has managed to stay true to the original plot of Dracula while simultaneously correcting some of the inconsistencies, contradictions, and unanswered questions from the original text (of which there are many)."

"The L.A. author and queen of nineteenth-century re-imaginings (The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë and The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen) presents the untold story of the original forbidden love."

Los Angeles Magazine

"The vampire craze has never been hotter. Dracula, My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker by Syrie James is new twist on the old legend. The author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen proves herself a mistress of recreating a romantic female fantasy. She answers all the tantalizing "what-if" questions left unanswered in the original tale. Syrie James paints a vivid picture of woman in the grip of dark passion. If you think you know the legend, her thoroughly modern Mina will surprise and delight you. It's a dark and sizzling romance for hot summer days and nights."

Dolce Dolce

"I enjoyed the clever way James fills in the blanks left from Stoker’s story. Her thoughtful and well-imagined explanations for Dracula’s seemingly brutal acts fit right in with the rest of the book and made perfect sense to me... There were aspects of this book that reminded me of another classic tale: Beauty and the Beast, where the Beast is not truly a monster underneath his evil appearance, but rather a misunderstood figure of legend... All that Dracula truly desires is to spend the rest of his life with his love, but alas, the Beauty of his desire is a mortal... the writing is charming, breezy, and easy to follow, and James has quite perfected the art of the cliffhanger."

"Smooth reading... tension (sexual and otherwise), action ... if you've read Dracula, this book is the behind-the-scenes book: in essence the other half."

Night Owl Reviews

"Mina Harker is a wonderful complex character ... Jonathan and Dracula are also filled out nicely.  Neither of the male leads is completely good or completely evil.  Jonathan can be overly restrictive and traditional towards Mina; which suffocates her at times... yet he is also a loving husband.  Dracula is more accepting and encouraging of Mina's non-traditional behavior (wanting to work outside the home and be educated) but is selfish when it comes to what he wants. This book ends up being less about the mystery behind Dracula and more about Mina's struggle to decide between two men who truly love her but each have faults of their own.  That being said there is still mystery and urgency throughout this book... A must read for Dracula fans, especially Dracula fans who have always wanted the role of the female characters in Dracula expanded... I enjoyed this book and would definitely consider reading other of James' books in the future."

Karissa Books

"Naively and romantically (which is ironic, since I am not necessarily a romantic), I've always wanted there to be a way for Mina and Dracula to be together... Besides the deepening relationship between Dracula and Mina, this book delivers an honest look at Mina, the time in which she lived, her life as an orphan, growing up with Jonathan, her life as an independent minded woman before her time and her love for two men, the path that she should choose and the path that she should walk away from... This book also delivers a profound look at Dracula himself, his history, his own past, his loves, his fight against evil and then finally his turning into a vampire... Dracula's love for Mina is so encompassing ... Dracula ain't a wimp, though. He's more than willing to kick the arse of anyone who gets in his way or especially anyone who threatens Mina. He also makes a chilling switch to the monster when his emotions get the best of him... Syrie James story stays honestly with the original story but in a way that makes the reader feel like the story is new."

Peppermint PH.D.

"This was a fantastic read... While Mina is deeply in love with her "Jonathan", she just can't get Dracula out of her mind. Like the movie, I am also left unsure as to whether Dracula is a good guy or a bad guy. Syrie James has done an incredible job with Mina's turmoil, decisions and thoughts... The book is passionate and powerful! Perfect read for those who love historical fiction, romance, contemporary vampire fiction, or adventure."

Maria's Space

"I was recently thrilled to discover that Syrie James had a new book coming out. I loved her novel The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte. I was very curious to see how she would treat Mina, a fictional character, in her novel. Dracula, My Love was just as well researched as anything that she wrote about one of her real life heroines and I felt as if I was walking around in the world with Mina, Lucy, Dracula, et al...

James explores one of the most debated ideas on the meaning of vampires, that they played a role in the exploration of the sexual awakening and identity of women... Dracula, My Love is at its core a love triangle ... I really appreciated having the opportunity to know Dracula's story and to learn about his motivations ... James's writing is thoroughly researched and gorgeous to read. This is a great read especially if you enjoy England in the late 19th century, Dracula, or just plain good historical fiction. I guess I am now officially counting down to the next James novel. Recommended."

Linus's Blanket

Finally,  we get what I always thought of as the central character of Dracula: Mina Harker's story... A good retelling of the Dracula story from a more feminine prospective... Dracula is an actual character with thoughts and emotions, not the stereotypical monster he is portrayed as in the Bram Stoker Novel (which I still love though!) Author does a brilliant job of keeping to the original era of the story while at the same time, making it easier for the modern reader to enjoy... The romance between Dracula and Mina rings very true. Loved the backstory created for Mina and for Dracula. Think I am going to be checking out some of her other works."

Rayments Readings

"The story was great, action packed, and had me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend it and I rarely do the vampire thing. Four out of five stars."

Book Babe

The book showed what James has decided we did not know about this female character so often in the background... One of the things I loved the most is her little allusions to events happening that Mina could not know about, but she manages to neatly sneak in... I think it will appeal most to fans of historical fiction rather than those of paranormal but it may pull a few vampire fans into a different type of reading than they may usually choose may even lead them back to the classic."

Stiletto Storytime

"James has managed to flesh out the female characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula and made them into living, breathing heroines ... Part of the allure of this page-turner comes from the dark, sexual implications of Mina’s relationship with the charming Wagner (Count Dracula) and the sexual tension she experiences day and night as she struggles with deep guilt and lustful longing ...

Part of my enjoyment of the book and the character, Wagner, was how my interpretation of him was continually called into question. Was he genuinely in love with Mina and a noble person using his immortality to pursue knowledge and the arts, or was he the anti-hero, on a mission to seduce and use Mina for his own evil purposes? ... It reads like a tense filmscript begging to be translated to the screen. I would highly recommend the novel."

The Compulsive Reader

"Mina has a different view of things than that portrayed in Stoker's novel ... Mina adds additional material from her secret life. She writes in order to come to an understanding of this turbulent time known only to herself. Author James allows the Count to tell his side of the story, rebutting all the nasty accusations made against him. For me this was the most fascinating part of the book. Dracula, My Love with its charming, 19th century writing style tells of a passionate, forbidden romance which of course makes it all the more exciting."

Patricia's Vampire Notes